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EMA 3 Days ~ ONLINE Immersive Transformational Dowsing Retreat 

       Ancestral Bridge: Sacred Journey to Australia 2019-details coming!


Evolutionary! ONLINE Transformational Dowsing Retreat

This 3-day experiential ZOOM immersion retreat is set up to give you the skills to Dowse a house, business or school from beginning to completion as well as learn indigenous land clearing and more. Clear Childhood homes and learn remote dowsing. Create a high vibrational environment that connects us to our highest consciousness, restores the land and raises the frequency in greater service for the highest good of all.​ Evolutionary Dowsingapplies ancient knowledge to our current circumstances, "quickening"  the Field to support our Soul Purpose; while empowering our clients; restoring the vitality of our heart, home and habitat.  

Includes: Earth Medicine Alchemy GuideBook, Activated Brass Dowsing Rods

Sat  & Sun 10am-12pm & 
2:00-4:00 pm 

Mon 10-3 w Lunch Break

Tools purchased at time of course:

Earth Cures -  Set of 22  $33

Set of  Six 1 1/2 point Crystals 

"Many of us associate the word Dowsing with the old timers who used a forked branch to find water underground, Dowsing is so much more. It is a practical, ancient and evolutionary tool that raises the frequency of your home and/or business and creates coherence in all areas of life. Dowsing creates far reaching effects in your family, your business, and your community".

~ Jenny Procter   Artist, Teacher,  Clairvoyant


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This event is hosted by GOOD of the WHOLE

15% of all Donations goes to GOOD of the WHOLE.

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POWER UP with a Dowsing upgrade!

In this one day  we will collectively blast  away stuck energy while

learning advanced Evolutionary Dowsing techniques that will elevate

your dowsing capacity and activate your clients potential!

LearnClear Childhood Homes and Map Dowsing

Intuitive Dowsing for QI Lines - Activate your personal Earth Cures  

Time: Beginners come at 8:30-10

Sat 10:00am-4:00pm  $155                                                   EMA Guidebook included- Brass L-Rods,  Earth Cures available for purchase 

Returning Students- $111                                                                                                                                                                                                           

ZOOM in for this enriching Valentine's 5-Week Experience!​​

                    Suggested LOVE Donation: 5 weeks $222



Love & Money: The Whole Integration

5 Stellar Weeks 

      Activate your 11/2 Year of Receptivity!






Experience Dowsing, Feng Shui, Heart Resonance, Movement and Art ​​

*Grow your capacity to live an opulent life "On Purpose"

    *Create a Sacred Feng Shui Medicine Journal

  *Rise in LOVE,  Move as Water,  Embrace your TRUE PROSPERITY 


"Your demonstration is a simple, yet  highly resonant...

The field is cultivated and now it's time to  reclaim this important art, science and evolution”. 

~Sharon Joy, Connection Partners, Fl

          2018 ~ Upcoming Programs 

*Payment Plan(2/$222 payments )

  FEB EMA ONLINE Retreat: $444 
 3 day immersion followed by 3 group monthly sessions

 Brass Sleeved Dowsing Rods  
EMA ONLINE Immersion : $333
 3 day immersion Only

Includes Brass Sleeved Dowsing Rods 

  *Returning Students: $111

3 Day EMA ZOOM Immersion Includes: 

  • GLD Earth Medicine Alchemy Phase1 GuideBook
  • 3 Online 90 min Group Sessions (opt 1 private session)

 Materials may be purchased at time of course:

 Pair of Brass Sleeved L-Rods $39
 Earth Cures - Packaged set of 22  $33

 *ASK US ABOUT: Set of Custom Golden Light Dowsing Rods

*Questions: Call 415.516.3555


Host a 2-3 Day Evolutionary Dowsing Immersion Retreat 
Dowsing is for everyone and can offer an affordable, profound way to empower yourself and others. Dowsing offers a fulfilling sustainable vocation. Shelley will travel and facilitate an evolutionary Dowsing Course in your region.  

Join Shelley Darling as she shares her wisdom, wit and skill as a Master Dowser, Feng Shui Consultant and Soul Destiny Resonance Coach. Have fun, create art, and learn to move as water. Open to money as a currency:current-sea; embodying the flow of unconditional openness, kindness and love, as you rewire old stress codes of separation. In the experience of wholeness, discover the joy in embracing your fullest expression - rising in your inherent love of self and other.

This five week experience brings a deep sense of interconnectivity and sacred relationship. Each week you will receive movement and breathwork practices, viscerally learning to tap and track the "home frequency" and follow songline of your heart. Everything is energy. Experience separation dissolving as you unify with the Field of Love. 

   Become the ecstatic whole integrated lover, you wish to receive in your life.

Week 1: We begin in Heart Resonance and create our Sacred Feng Shui Medicine journal to hold new revelations, love poems, daily gratitudes and dowsing maps. While each layer is drying we discover and explore your Love and Money beliefs, examine birth transitions and delight in new understandings of your limbic imprinting. Be fascinated, shift and integrate what is true about you! 

Week 2: We begin with Heart Resonance and the Sacred Golden Ray Attunement. This week you will have fun experiencing Evolutionary Dowsing, learning to assess your homes for any stuck energy in the Guas of Abundance and Relationship. Did you know abundance has more to do with receiving, and intimacy has to do with self-nurturing? Learn how to clear discordant energies, enhance and activate these areas in your home and habitat. Activate a high vibrational Merkaba around your home environment.

Week 3: We begin with Heart Resonance and broaden our experience of the Sacred Golden Ray Attunement. Today from this expanded state we will write our Epitaph. Yes you heard that correctly! It is a magical way to clarify your Soul's longing and align with your inner directive and Soul Design. Tap into the promise you made to yourself and the clues you might have left yourself to fulfill your inner promise. 

Week 4: Diving deeper we begin with heart resonance and consciously create your Evolutionary KIS, the key to your inspired success. Express your truth with new courage, clarity and compassion, feeling home and in resonance with your Soul Destiny.We begin with Heart Resonance and come together building a field of coherence. 

Week 5: This week we will learn more about resonance as a practice. We will co-create a resonance circle and learn to follow the thread as we weave our tapestry of greater connection with our hearts and earth. We listen deeply, relish in the pause and open to receiving our wholeness, breathing as ONE living system, in full coherence and unified love. 

        "I am a boundless and bountiful expression of juicy, unconditional love; 

               joyfully embracing the priceless treasure of LOVE that I AM"