Golden Light Dowsing References and Resources


​​                                                          Shelley’s Personal References

 Sanna Purinton:  Spirit Consciousness Facilitator
 Bringing the voice of the Cathar into the 21st Century

 Katherine Parker: Gifted Empath, Intuitive Healer and Author
 Visionary Founder: Resonance Alchemy Institute

 Julie Krull: Evolutionary Leadership Coach and Radio Talk Show Host
 GOOD of the WHOLE ~ All Things Connected Radio Show

 David Ison: Music Master, Contemporary Spiritual Teacher and Author
 Founder: TheraSound, Meraki Meditation and Inst. for Creative Consciousness   

 Brian Besco: Metaphysical Energy Designer
 Twisted Sage and the Energy Garden

 Darlis Mayes: Akashic Record Teacher

 Planetary Healer and Dowser


​​Enjoy this compilation of websites, articles and exposés, that Golden Light Dowsing  has listed

as valuable links for arising Evolutionary Dowsers, Planetary Healers and New Earth Alchemists.


Golden Light Dowsing                                      

Twisted Sage     

Marie Diamond Dowsing                   

Conscious Life Resources                 

Slim Spurling Products                     

Heart Math Institute                            

American Society of Dowsers            

Canadian Questers                                

Barry Brailsford                                     

Recommended Dowsing Books:

WEE Book of Dowsing                                 Hamish Miller

In Search of the Southern Serpent           Barry Brailsford and Hamish Miller

In the Mind of a Master                                Slim Spurling

St Germain on Alchemy                                Elizabeth Prophet

Resonance Alchemy                                       Katherine Parker

Earth Calling                                                     Ellen Gunter & Ted Carter

The Seven Sacred Flames                             Aurelia Louise Jones

The Council of Light                                      Danielle Hoffman




 Earth Medicine Alchemy

Evolutionary Dowsing

​                                                            Restoring Resonance

                                       Heart. Home.Habitat