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The Ancestral Bridge Journey 2020

“Envision yourself learning and expanding your Dowsing skills as we head outbound to Sydney, Australia, embarking on an experiential odyssey, which kindles your innermost Soul remembering. An illuminating travel experience that inspires you at their core, combining the dreamtime voice of a land, and its people whose lives are infused with generosity, and a respect for a culture that holds communion of spirit and matter as a way of life.”

Walk the ancient path of the ancestors to the sacred mountains and waterways of Uluru, the Sacred Heart Center of Australia and Power Center of the Earth.

Consider heading outbound to Sydney, Australia. Embarking on an experiential odyssey, which will kindle one's own Soul remembering. A travel experience that inspires and combines a deepening of inner connection, with the dreamtime voice of a land and its people, whose lives are infused with generosity and a respect for a culture that holds communion of spirit and matter as a way of life.

This journey is an invitation and a vehicle for discovery of one's essential nature, while opening to the heart of the Australian Aboriginal voice and message. It is a bridge that connects our personal lineage with our Ancestral Spirit and the Ancient ways. This pilgrimage is a sacred journey that holds within it the keys for self-expression, contribution and magic. 

Imagine awakening each day to the delightful song of the Kookaburra's laughter and the opportunity to walk, play and joy in the magic and beauty of the Australian Bush, while tapping into the voice of the ancestors, while  being guided by the “Songline of your heart.”

Be it a beginner in spiritual studies, or professional seeker of truth, this voyage is for anyone wishing to advance their practice of Evolutionary Dowsing, and grow their Water Wisdom, while experiencing the reverence of an indigenous culture that lives in harmony, respect and love of an abundant Earth.  

Today the Ancestral Bridge journey continues for those looking to be enriched by a culture that dreams with the whales, sings to the land and respects the nature of all life.

Details will posted soon. If you would like to be put on the waiting list contact Shelley Darling: 

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