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​​Monthly Sacred Science of Dowsing Group  3:30pm EST -5:00pm EST

​The 3 month program, 90-minute monthly interactive group call is hosted by Shelley with access to:

  • Many Instructional videos through an online content rich portal 
  • Shelley's downloadable GLD Dowsing Booklet for Earth Alchemists
  • Step by step instructions to Dowsing your current place of residence.
  • An active community of like-minded people who are here to support you.
  • Access to "Expand Community’s" recommended practitioners and resources.
  • Additional training opportunities to become a certified practitioner.

NOTE: 3 month rolling admissions from the time you start  Learn More and Register Here 

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POWER UP with a Dowsing upgrade!

In this one day  we will collectively blast  away stuck energy while

learning advanced Evolutionary Dowsing techniques that will elevate

your dowsing capacity and activate your clients potential!

  • Clear Childhood Homes and Map Dowsing
  • Intuitive Dowsing for QI Lines - Activate your personal Earth Cures  

Time: Beginners come early~ 8:30am-10am

Sat 10:00am-4:00pm  $155                                                                                      Included: EMA Guidebook, Earth Cures   

Returning Students- $111                                                                                   Brass Sleeved Dowsing Rods available to purchase                                                                                                                              

Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium Begins ​Thurs, August 15th, 2019

We are now embarking on the full moon for a new 12 week cycle guided by spirit in these times of needed restoration and greater global coherence for Earth and all her inhabitants. Meeting every week on Thursday's (AU Friday morn) we will continue our engagement mentoring each other and listening to the field, as we collectively raise the vibrational energy of our homes, land and waterways on the planet that call for our attention. 

(Upon agreement of the group, the time and day of meeting may change )

Energy Exchange: $355 reg $444 Register here to save your space. (Limited to 12)

Shanti Heart shares her experience of taking the Earth Medicine Alchemy Course. She is now a Certified Dowsing Specialist and will add in her  Akashic Readings too!

​​"Your demonstration is a simple, yet  highly resonant...

The field is cultivated and now it's time to  reclaim this important art, science and evolution”. 

~Sharon Joy, Connection Partners, Fl

Soul Resonance Mentoring (SRM) with Shelley Darling (w Dowsing 30% off)

 SRM is a whole living system mentoring process that nurtures deep connection, while integrating and unconditionally loving all dimensions of yourself. Embody and open to a greater vibrational flow of expression, vocational manifestation, and freedom. 

1 personal 90 min Session $222

3 personal 90 min Session Package $555 (Save $111) 

New? Start with your 1 hour Complimentary Consultation 

"We are now embarking on a new cycle of the Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium, inspired by spirit in these times of needed restoration and heart resonance, cultivating an ethos of wholeness for Earth and all her inhabitants.​ 

Susan had never felt good in her house for years. Listen as she shares the dramatic change in her house and after she engaged in a few SRM personal sessions.

          2019 ~ Upcoming Programs 

Host a 2-3 Day Golden Light Evolutionary Dowsing Immersion Retreat 
Dowsing is for everyone and can offer an affordable, profound way to empower yourself and others. Dowsing offers a fulfilling sustainable vocation. Contact Shelley to facilitate an evolutionary Dowsing Course in your region!  

3 Day EMA Local EMA Immersion Includes:  Portland, OR/ CA TBA 

  • Brass Sleeved Dowsing Rods ​
  • Earth Medicine Alchemy Phase 1 GuideBook​
  •  Earth Cures - Packaged set of 22  $33 
  •  Brass Sleeved Dowsing Rods  

*Returning Students: ($222)

 EMA ONLINE Immersion: $888                                    PAY PLAN 3 Monthly payments: $333

Earth Medicine Alchemy Online Retreat  (TBA)
4 Day EMA ZOOM Immersion Includes: 

  • Brass Sleeved Dowsing Rods 
  • Earth Medicine Alchemy Phase 1 GuideBook​
  • 4 Online 2 hour Group Sessions (opt 1 private session)
  •  Earth Cures - Packaged set of 22  $33 
  •  Brass Sleeved Dowsing Rods  
  • *Returning Students: ($222)

 EMA ONLINE Immersion: $555                                    PAY PLAN 3 Monthly payments: $200