1-4-17: Love & Money: A Sacred Union (5 Weeks)  

The Full Integration

2017 ​​​Earth Medicine Alchemy: Phase1 2-Day Weekend* 

January 28-29 Tampa, Florida

 Power Up!​ Advanced GLD *Atomic* Dowsing (Feb tba)

April 2017 Golden Light Journey to Australia!

​​​*This 2-day experiential course is set up to give you the skills

to Dowse a house, business or school from beginning to completion.

Create a high vibrational environment that connects us to our highest consciousness, restores the land, raises the frequency to support all in greater service for the GOOD of the WHOLE

Evolutionary Dowsing applies ancient knowledge to our current circumstances, opening the Field to support our Soul Purpose; while healing our heart, home and habitat. 


There will be a new Golden Light Activation for you and your rods during this weekend course.​​

GLD Earth Medicine Alchemy GuideBook, Pair of Brass L-Rods w/ Sleeves 

***Custom Golden Light Dowsing Rods may be purchased for $55 extra

Materials can be purchased at time of course:

Earth Cures - Packaged set of 30  $33

Set of  Six 1 1/2 point Crystals -  $22 

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                                                               Golden Light Dowsing Advanced *Atomic* Dowsing  Studio

POWER UP! Begin  2017 with a Dowsing upgrade!

In this one day  we will collectively blast  away stuck energy while

learning advanced Evolutionary Dowsing techniques that will elevate

your dowsing capacity and activate your clients potential in 2017!

Learn Indigenous Cleansing, Intuitive Dowsing for KI Lines 
            How to activate your personal Earth Cures 

Date: TBA Time:10am-4:00pm  $99   

Sarasota, Fl (Location details in reply email)

​​Join us for a life changing, fun online ZOOM 5 Week Experience!

​                                                 A New Years Gift for You!

Choose to Donate $89/$144/$233/$377... 

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Love & Money: A Sacred Union  

The Full Integration
5 Stellar Weeks to initiate your #1 Year of New Beginings!  

Begins 1-4-2017~



An Ecstatic Love Affair Unifying your Genius, Passion and Courage
 Integrating Dowsing, Feng Shui, Heart Resonance, Movement and Art 

Potential and Capacity for living a, ecstatic opulent life "On Purpose"


Genius, Passion and Courage

Heart Resonance, Dowsing, Feng Shui, Movement & Soul Art

 *Grow your capacity to live an opulent life "On Purpose

                   *Create a Love & Money Sacred Feng Shui vision journal

                               *Have fun, MOVE like water and RISE in love & prosperity 

Upgrade your code for Love &  Money           Definition of  currency: a sea of flowing universal source energy

 Golden Light Dowsing

"Your demonstration is a simple, yet  highly resonant...

The field is cultivated and now it's time to  reclaim this important art, science and evolution”. 

~Sharon Joy, Connection Partners, Fl

Payment Plan (2/$222 payments )

  EMA Phase1 Tuition: $444
  Become a Certified House & Land Doc'! 


  • GLD Earth Medicine Alchemy Phase1 GuideBook,
  • Pair of Brass L-Rods w/ Brass Sleeves 
  • *Custom Golden Light Dowsing Rods plus EMA Phase1

           $55 extra  Total: $499

 Materials that may be purchased at time of course

 Earth Cures - Packaged set of 22  $33
 Set of  Six 1 1/2 point Crystals -  $22 

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Host a 2-Day Golden Light Dowsing: Earth Medicine Alchemy Phase1 Weekend 
Dowsing is for everyone and can offer an affordable, profound way to empower yourself and others. Dowsing offers a fulfilling sustainable vocation. Shelley will travel and facilitate an evolutionary Dowsing Course in your region.  

Questions or more information: 
Cell: 1.415.516.3555 
International Communications   
Skype: ShelleyDarling