Earth Medicine Alchemy

Evolutionary Dowsing

​                Restoring Resonance for Personal and Planetary Peace


Learn more about how you can become a Golden Light' Evolutionary Dowser!

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Learn to Dowse a house, business or school from beginning to completion. Evolutionary Dowsing is a tool that not only clears Geopathic Stress, Electromagnetic Interference and other negative energies that impede our health, wealth, relationships and success, the Dowsing will create a high vibrational environment that connects us easily to our higher consciousness. Evolutionary Dowsing applies ancient knowledge to our current circumstances, supporting our Soul Purpose, healing our heart, home and habitat.  Learn how to activate your own cures!


Marilyn Anderson

​​Dowsing Specialist

Nokomis, Florida​

​​Nancy Chaconas

"Dowsing Detective"

Somis, California​

Najma Ahern

​Dowsing Specialist​

Mulumbimby, Australia ​​

Julie Armstrong​​

​Dowsing Specialist

Canberra, Australia

​ ​​

Kara Breese

"Everything is Energy"

Kittery, Maine ​​

 Judy Gabriel

"Energy Dowser"

Ojai, California

Cathy Carson

"Energy & Animal  Dowser"

Nowra, Australia


Darlis Mayes

"Akashic Dowser"

Jupiter, Florida (will travel)


​Certified Evolutionary Dowsing Specialists have completed the necessary agreements and are active practitioners, recognized for their skill, and able to Dowse a house, land, business, or school from beginning to completion. They are skilled in clearing Negative Vortexes, Geopathic Stress, Electromagnetic Interference, and other negative energies that impede our health, wealth, relationships and success. Their Dowsing wisdom applies ancient knowledge to your current circumstances, opening the Field to support your Soul Purpose, while healing your heart, home and habitat. 

For an Evolutionary Dowsing Specialist in your region see below:

Shanti Heart Hollinger

"Urban Dowser"

Chicago, Illinois


Mark Dalton

Dowsing Specialist

Kittery, Maine 

Charlie Riverman Bergeron

​"Co-creative Dowser"

York, Maine​

Co-Creative Dowsing

Erika Furman

Sarasota, Florida

​ ​​