"Good of the WHOLE marshals all the forces of love in action."               ​​                                ~ Andrew Harvey

GOOD of the WHOLE stewards the evolution of consciousness by telling a new story of visionary leaders, organizations, and resources in greater connectivity. 

We serve the expansion of heart-centered initiatives that promote conscious and healthy practices, while co-creating a peaceful, loving and sustainable way of being, relating, and living in relationship to one another and the Earth.

 Become a Force for GOOD!

 Thank you for your interest in becoming a Founding Steward!  All paid stewards joining our GOOD of the WHOLE  community in 2016 will be considered Life-Time Founding Members as long as the annual membership is in good standing.    Your contribution is building the foundation of an evolutionary platform for a conscious, interconnected global community  bringing spirit and consciousness to life.  Thank you for your generous support.  We have FOUR levels of membership: 

 1. Basic Member;

 2. Individual Founding Member;

 3.  Organizational Founding Member;

 4.  Strategic Partner.  You may also simply make a donation. 

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Bringing Spirit and Consciousness to Life

The story of The Pachamama Alliance in both the North and the South inspiring a "New Dream" for our vision of the New Earth.

IMAGINE a conscious community

of like-minded people… 

Imagine a world of greater connectivity where individuals and organizations work together for the



Experience a world that works for all!.

 GOOD of the WHOLE is a unified voice,  positive message, and powerful meme of  visionary leaders and social change agents

 GOOD of the WHOLE is a community of  conscious, global citizens making visible and  celebrating what’s working in the world

 GOOD of the WHOLE is a trans-media  platform telling a new story of where spirit  and consciousness meet all aspects of life,  vocation, relationship, and being

 GOOD of the WHOLE is a resource  repository of individuals, organizations, and  tools aligned with Humanity's highest,  collective potential