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      Travel Log of a Darling Dowser April 25th, 2013 

After 10 months of traveling; 4 months in Australia, 2 weeks in New Zealand, I  barely made it through customs with my 9 pound carry on bag (7 was the limit), I knew it was time to find my little space in the universe that I could call home. My body was tired of carrying the large black portfolio that held my large Dowsing ring and Dowsing cures, which after lifting,  sat on top of my carry on bag with 4 rollers. I had made it back to 7 mile beach on the south coast of Australia by way of plane, train and finally pushing my bags over curbs to catch the late evening bus, all in all, taking 9 hours. Though I loved Oz, it was time to return.

....Not having any red slippers, I called out to the universe for help with my, all time favorite phrase, "Show Me". 

As a life of magic and synchronicity would have it, the very next morning an email arrived from a woman, who was a friend of a friend of mine,
in St. Petersburg, Florida looking for a roommate and asked if I was interested. I have learned to deeply listen and pay attention to these messages and trust the movement into the unknown. After some emails going back and forth, photos and phone calls, I responded with a full "Yes" and headed east to the "Peaceful Place". 

Once again I was pulled by a force of love, this time towards a community of resonant evolutionary pioneers, just 50 minutes from my family of origin, my daughter and
two beautiful grandsons. 

Dowsing the Peaceful Place: 

The day I completed Dowsing, two Dolphins showed up in the creek (none had been sighted for over a year).

The house energy is now light and free of any density.  The laughter and delight that ring throughout the household and respect, honor and transparency are active heart responses in all our communications.

"Our house is a very, very fine house, with two chicks in the yard (Yes, we have chickens named Honey and Sue and if they are in good moods give is three eggs)...Life used to be so everything is easy ..."

 I met Canadian singer/songwriter Pamela  Jane Gerrand at the Co-Creators  Convergence 2016, We were bestowed  with this angel's blessed voice as we  Gathered with Gaia.'Love Is All' is an  original song from Pamela's CD Pray Rain.

 Meet Co-Creator Brian Besco as he shares  

with you the Sacred Chamber of the Heart  attunement with learning about the  MerKaBa Field expansion. 

As the full moon rose in the eastern sky last night, I contemplate the next steps of my journey, stopping to deeply listen, and acknowledge a strong desire to connect with all of you.

Simply put…We have shifted. We are living the new norm, and WE are now in the process of living and practicing the art of co-creation, as we embody and integrate the vast interconnectivity our collective consciousness. (Of course with that comes with the dissolution of anything that is unlike this higher vibration!)

Consider having your house Dowsed! 

Better yet, learn how to do it yourself...anyone can do it!          Contact us below to learn how!     ~The Darling Dowser 

Full Moon Blessings

Optimizing Field Resonance for Heart and Soul Alignment


​With the focus of the fall Questers conference being, “Expanding Heart and Soul”, it seems like this is a great opportunity to look more deeply at this sacred relationship in the world of Dowsing.

As we expand our hearts and deepen our understanding of an evolutionary impulse that is driving humankind towards our next quantum leap, it is important to speak to Dowsing as a viable evolutionary instrument. Dowsing attunes and expands the capacity for greater resonance, not only individually, but when we as a collective, focus our attention on Earth, a growing coherence within the Field itself begins to happen. My experience traveling as a Dowser, for the last three years has shown that indeed this is true and that Dowsing, powerfully supports a dynamic expansion of coherence within the Field. 

                    Castle Hill: Signature 1                           Expanded Signature 2 

In his Book “In Search of the Southern Serpent”, Barry Brailsford, a well known Author and Dowser, speaks to the positive signature that each sacred site generates. Barry traveled with Hamish and BA Miller, two Dowsers from England for over 6 years, to many of the sacred sites in New Zealand. 

They found upon returning six months to a year later the site signatures had expanded in size.

After much contemplation, they met with a Maori Elder. This indigenous elder revealed that the Earth is indeed radically changing as we put more of our conscious attention on it. This allows a “quickening” in the Field and the localized environment then begins to shift. 


Our homes have brainwaves too? 

Our homes and habitat want to support us in ways we cannot imagine.

They have brain waves just like us. Through science we now know these brain waves can be measured. As an example a Beta brainwave is a sharp, up and down wave of energy, which allows very little light to enter a house. This Beta energy will deplete the immune system and adrenals. Individuals can’t see options, feel separation and there is a sense of hopelessness. It may feel chaotic and individuals will feel abandoned and not feel their Soul connection.

Whereas, when the vibrational energy is raised, a house with an Alpha Brainwave allows more light to enter the space. The environment feels comfortable and individuals will feel more hopeful, inspired, easily connected

to their intuition.

We know we can raise our own consciousness through meditation, prayer and positive thinking, so consider that our houses too, need to hold a higher vibration in order to support and cultivate greater health, well being and enlightened access to our Soul purpose. 

The Darling Dowser: Wisdom  from The Heart Field

A journey into the Essence of Expression and the creative energy of the sacred Five. Music by Ison and Wegmann. Video by Ison. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to bring forward your own creation, in whatever field you choose to work within. Enjoy!

 My favorite time is waking up before sunrise  on a full moon evening and heading to a spot  where I can see the sunrising and moon  setting. This particular morning standing on  the beach in Santa Barbara, I called  David, describing the experience, and later he  returned with this exquisite poem...enjoy!

When the Maori Elders placed in my basket the hidden knowledge of the Waitaha Nation, I was carried into ancient Polynesian seaways and the lore of the navigation stars, propelled along the mountain trails of the sacred stone, sent into remarkable gardens in the ocean and on the shore, wrapped in the cloak of secret histories and given access to the highest Houses of Learning.
This incredible store of priceless indigenous wisdom has been my guide and my joy.


The Indigenous Voice of the Land

"In 2009, I experienced through the Dowsing, a more powerful connection with the Indigenous voice of the land.  Each Dowsing seemed to support an empowered awareness of the land with a conscious recognition of one's personal power and appropriated guardianship of the land by the ancestors. The personal transmissions that occur through the Dowsing, deliver messages to the individual and their families, awakening and renewing their relationships with each other and the land. 

​I began to see the effect of Dowsing as a catalyst for community connection. Where there were a few houses, offices and schools Dowsed in an area, the Field’s vibrational frequency would raise and not only were individuals empowered, finding clarity in their innate purpose, the energy of their houses shifted and they became community, gathering spaces. The Field naturally seemed to be opening for greater awakening, connection and co-creation. These spaces then similarly, now act as sacred centers and become magnetic attractors for higher consciousness and Soul alignment." ~Shelley Darling

Begin your morning awakening with the sun. Cherokee Morning Song with Translation. By Priscilla Coolidge