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The Ancient Science and Evolution of Dowsing

In 2008 I was introduced to the Ancient Art and Science of Dowsing, after years of living in California, facilitating individuals and couples in “Embodied Heart Awakening”.  I was awed at the “quickening” of transformation that took place within my clients after their houses were dowsed.  I had an “AHA” moment when I held my Dowsing rods for the first time and experienced a surge of joy, along with an intuitive feeling that I had Dowsed before. Golden Light Dowsing ~ Earth Medicine ALchemy has become the synthesis of my life’s work, with Dowsing as an extraordinary, evolutionary tool for cultivating resonance with one's heart and a return to our sacred relationship with the elementals and Earth.

Dowsing is an intuitional science that works with subtle energies, making visible what is unseen to the human eye.

Traveling internationally, I have witnessed how Dowsing accelerates the healing and raising of consciousness in our communities. Dowsing raises the frequency in an environment, clearing any dense and stressful energy from the home, school and business. It is a deeply personal, transformational journey, as well as a catalyst for greater harmony and healing for the land.

I began to see the effect of Dowsing as a catalyst for community connection in 2009, where after there were a few houses Dowsed in an area, not only were individuals empowered and finding greater clarity in their innate purpose…there homes became gathering spaces. The Field naturally seemed to be opening for greater awakening, connection and co-creation.

"Many of us associate the word dowsing with the old timers who used a forked branch to find water underground, Dowsing is so much more. It is a practical, ancient and evolutionary tool that raises the frequency of your home and/or business and creates coherence in all areas of life. Dowsing creates far reaching effects in your family, your business, and your community". ~ Jenny Procter, Kittery, Maine

Welcome to the world of Evolutionary Dowsing; a world that expedites the experience of love on all levels.

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"Dowsing can best be explained as to search with the aid of a hand-held instrument such as a forked stick or a pendular bob on the end of a string - for anything: Subterranean water flowing in a narrow underground fissure, a pool of oil or a vein of mineral ore, a buried sewer pipe or electrical cable, an airplane downed in a mountain wilderness, a disabled ship helplessly adrift in a gale, a lost wallet or dog, a missing person, a buried treasure or to help someone with a physical problem.

When first introduced to this method of location that has long defied, and continues to defy, rational explanation, most people react with a knee-jerk response of rank disbelief.

The actual words 'dowsing rod' first appeared in print in a seventeenth century essay written by John Locke, who referred to the ability to divine, or discover, mines of gold and silver.

Many people are familiar with the sight of someone walking over some plot of ground holding the dowsing rod and the object than bending or twisting downward.

One of the first medical dowsers was Abbe Alexis Bouly, a Catholic priest, living in a little French seaside village on the English Channel. He became so well known as a water dowser that, after finding commercially important supplies for French manufacturers, he was contracted to do likewise by other industrialists in Belgium, Portugal, Poland and Romania.

At the end of World War I, Bouly was summoned to the city of Reims to be examined on his alleged ability to locate unexploded shells buried in the ground and to state whether they were of German, Austrian, or French manufacture prior to their unearthing. He was so impressive that he was recommended to the Ministry of War in Paris.

Bouly eventually founded the Society of Friends of Radiesthesia, a new word he coined for dowsing, an amalgam of a Latin root for "radiation" and a Greek root for "perception." Looking for new worlds to conquer, he finally hit on what he called "the world of microbial vibrations." "I was bold enough to tackle it," he wrote, "but to start with I had to learn about microbes, to study their nature and their influence on the human body."

Eventually Bouly carried out experiments in the hospitals of Boulogne-Sur-Mer, Berck-Plage, Lille, and the Belgium City of Liege. Put to repeated tests, Bouly was able, simply by manipulating a pendulum, to identify cultures of microbes in test tubes just as easily as if he were observing them through a microscope.

In 1950, at the age of eighty-five, in recognition of his accomplishments, the Abbe was made a Chevalier de La Legion d'Honneur, the highest decoration his nation could bestow on him. In his acceptance speech the newly knighted priest declared, "This Cross of the Legion of Honor is awarded in my person to all practitioners of dowsing. For my part, the award represents the crowning of a life I have tried to dedicated to the service of God and the good of humanity."

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On Dowsing

Dowsing (deuten, to declare, douse, to plunge) refers to techniques for finding water or other things by using a dowsing instrument, such as a dowsing rod. The use of the dowsing rod, a Y-shaped forked stick or rod used to find water and hidden objects is probably as old as humankind. The dowsing rod is still is used commercially by many well-drillers and contractors who have to dig around underground pipes and lines. A good dowser/well-driller can find good, pure water 95% of the time.

Dowsing is searching for anything by projecting an intent of what is desired and receiving confirmation or non-confirmation feedback through the body, usually by the movements of a dowsing instrument. It is a form of clairvoyance, the ability to see at any given moment what is happening elsewhere. Our senses are really more powerful than we think. Because our physical and psychological apparatus is designed to satisfy our desires, they realize their potential only to the extent we utilize them.

Divining is a close synonym of dowsing and gets to the root of what dowsing is all about. Divining comes from the word divinus meaning "of, or by, or for a god, the gods, also inspired by them." Hence, divining is a spiritual practice -- the success of which rests on a divine state of mind.

There are many books on the history of dowsing, the exploits of successful dowsers and the many uses and applications of the dowsing technique. I call dowsing a technique, rather than a science, because technology is proven by results and nothing else. Science requires theory, explanation and proof. Needless to say, proof of dowsing in the academic world is slow in coming. Why? Primarily because dowsing is not a physics problem, where the people performing the experiment can be virtually excluded from affecting the results. Dowsing can't work without a person. The circumstances and people that the dowser is operating with have a definite influence on the results.

Dowsing is simply a natural tool that enables you to amplify what you are already perceiving, but simply have not bothered to pay attention to before. It is a handle on the abstract world of feeling, intuition and the sacred.

Dowsing is a very important technique for anyone working with sacred or haunted spaces. Dowsing can be used to:

  • Locate underground water lines and springs. The direction of flow, depth and quantity of flow (gallons per minute) can also be ascertained.
  • Locate ley lines and their direction of flow.
  • Find power centers, places where the Earth's field alters human consciousness.
  • Determine if a water line or ley line is having a negative effect on the health of the people living or working above the line.
  • Communicate with and receive guidance from Devas and Angels.
  • Map underground earth energies in order to design and build sacred spaces.

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The Divining Hand: The 500-Year-Old Mystery of Dowsing, by Christober Bird