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Beyond what he expected,  the retreat house sells!

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    Your Dowsing demonstration is a simple, powerful, highly resonant, example of words, graphs and power points.

      You are primed to be The Imminent Dowser of the region. The field was cultivated…and now it is time to reclaim this

      important art, science and evolution”.      

                   ~Sharon Joy, Founder of Connection Partners St Petersburg, FL

    “Shelley is a master dowser in the cosmic sense.  Her intuitive gifts complement her well-developed skill and universal          

     understanding of energy, consciousness, and the unified field.  What I appreciate most about Shelley is her depth and breadth

     of understanding when it comes to living in resonance and the co-creative process.  Shelley shares her authentic passion

     generously from the place of heart.   

                     ~Dr. Julie Krull Ph.D., LMHP Founder: GOOD of the Whole and Dr. Julie Empower Radio 

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Relations and Business:

"Dowsing the studio I could feel the energy lift and lighten and have continued to experience that lightness on subsequent visits.  Our plans to build my office here at home have been smooth and easy, and my mood and excitement continue to lift and brighten daily.  My husband is filled with more energy and excitement, but the most remarkable effect is the total 180 in the relationship between our co-tenants, which has gone from stand offish and adversarial to an easy, polite and friendly collaboration.  We never imagined that this would be the case, and were preparing ourselves to be forever at odds and out of synch with them."                           ~ Elizabeth Cotton, Therapist

I have just had my house Dowsed and I am amazed at how it shifted the energy.  Its not just dowsing it’s so much more than that! Clutter is flying out the door easily, and remodeling projects on hold are falling into place.  Things are organized in a new way. My husband's home office became a delightful place to work.  Clients are calling me out of nowhere.  I feel a renewed sense of joy being here, working here and gathering people together.”    
~ Nancy Chaconas, Legal Shield

"All my senses were wide open as I watched Shelley and her dowsing rods in action. Shelley asked questions. The rods, with no obvious manipulation on Shelley's part, gave unbelievably accurate answers that brought me to tears. The experience Shelley helped facilitate was one of those amazing aha experiences that cannot be understood but will always be remembered."
~ Dr. Janet Smith Warfield, Author of Shift: Change your words; Change Your World

Feng Shui

"I am a Feng Shui Master and keep my house’s energy as balanced and clear as possible.  Shelly’s work added a missing piece by dowsing my home and installing rods where needed.  There were certain places in a few rooms that never felt as comfortable as the rest of the house. She located those spots. Now I can be in any room and fell completely calm and grounded.  Also I had neighbors that were difficult and they put their house up for sale a couple of months later and moved. I am very happy with Shelley’s gift and can highly recommend her to dowse a residential or commercial building."
~ Deborah H. -Feng Shui Master & Founder Cinnabar Designs

Financial Abundance

"Before the dowsing I had been experiencing stagnation in my relationship and in my finances.  After the dowsing I experienced incredible clarity in my thoughts and feelings.  Within a week I found I had made decisions that increased my wealth by $24,000/year!  I also experienced greater clarity of my goals and desires of my relationship! Once my decisions were made it was if the Universe already had everything aligned to support me - everything fell right into place, easily and effortlessly!  I am a believer!  I can't wait to hear the success stories of others!  Thank you again Shelley, keep spreading the Love!"  

~Katherine Wolf-Financial Planner

Supporting Children

"I had one room in my home that always felt musty and uninviting. After Shelley dowsed this room, it has changed dramatically and my son now enjoys spending time in his bedroom. The room definitely feels good now and strangely enough does not seem to be so musty. We have a "playroom" which is a specially designed room for my autistic daughter’s home-schooling program. I now love to hang out in this room and it feels like a beautiful, more relaxed space where miracles can happen!"                                               ~Tanya Shannon - Options Institute Facilitator

"The blessing of the dowsing is multi-dimensional. Witnessing the dowsing was astounding...the rods were so accurate and confirmed many things. There was one particular room that the previous owners had used as their master bedroom. The wife had been on IVF and though she had conceived, had a multitude of miscarriages. The energy there was stuffy and uncomfortable. This clogged energy became obvious in the dowsing; Shelley was able to shift the energy easily and for us, effortlessly.  This room is now a hub of positive activity and has become an exciting center of my ever-expanding business. Our house and our family have benefited tremendously from this harmonizing dowsing that Shelley did for us, it was such a blessing. You imparted great wisdom to us.... which was to decorate the children's rooms in the colors that make them feel happy. The girls really came alive and are much happier and grounded now that we Dowsed."                                       
~Sanna Purinton- Spiritual Facilitator & Coach, AU


The frequency in the house was so changed that I have no words to express my experience of the Dowsing. Just simply this: 2 +2=5!  The Dowsing verifies you are that…and says that you can expand in space and be more of that. I was able to access more of who I BE.  The Dowsing energy gives permission for Miracles to happen…  I saw the pathway to choosing more ease in my life.                                                

~ Darin Coats, President, Coats and Coats LLC

Dreams Manifested

Basking in the afterglow! …I haven’t experienced anything like this except after sex!”  
~Anonymous Engineer

"Before the dowsing we were in a year long process of obtaining a farm loan, and with the changing market we were losing ground seemingly by the day, once Shelley dowsed our house and farm, it was like a series of miracles started to happen.  First our house appraised for the needed amount and then some. And our loan funded within 6 weeks.  Secondly, it had been our dream to farm on our neighbor’s property, and within weeks we had the opportunity to lease our next-door property. We are now in the process of expanding!  Recent News! We have been in a myriad of newspapers, CNN and more! 
~ Karen Archipley  - Owner, Archi’s Acres /Sustainable Agriculture Training

"I thought I was doing you a favor!  Standing in the middle of the street with Shell felt perfectly normal. As we entered into the seeing, expressing the “dreaming of” how I envision my space I knew we were going into rapid growth time. Diving into the realm of remembering the previous owners –their thought patterns and how they lived in the house, yikes, I was doing the same thing! The simple statement- “Okay, we can begin there.” Set into motion radical change.  Since dowsing the house and following through with simple suggestions I have felt lighter, and am perceived as lighter. Lighter in the sense of joy manifest. The rods are placed, the rings- oh baby! The ring under my bed has allowed perfect sleep, and little pains are gone from the body. Bonus! Shell has a way of sharing advice that is gentle and kind, sipping tea or standing in the street gazing at the home. Do those little things and you are set free! 
~ Margi Flint-International Herbalist, Educator and Speaker

In the months that followed the Dowsing, so much opened up in my life. My creative energy became more grounded and projects that had been dreams and ideas began to manifest. Money flowed more easily and a dream job presented itself out of the blue. Today, doors continue to open and opportunities continue to arise. Life is full of ease and grace, abundance and joy.  Thank you Shelley.”                                

~ Jenny Procter-Clairvoyant-Charter School Teacher

Relationship and Health

"For the past 6 years in my husbands home, I would have horrible nightmares and hear voices screaming from the other bedroom. It affected our moods and our activity levels. We wanted to move but the energy was so oppressive that we were almost paralyzed. Shelley did a long distance dowsing. I sent her a floor plan of the house and a diagram of the lot and how the house sits on it. She worked on the house from California.  She guided us to order copper rods and rings and then over the phone she guided us how and where to place them. Since that time (3 months) the energy in the house has felt so different. We both are sleeping through the night, we have more energy, the house is on the market and we are hoping finally to move. Personally I have more physical and creative energy feeling movement and excitement where there was none for so long." 
 ~ PS: Jenny and Mark are now living in their new home in New Hampshire!

"When Shelley came to my house I didn't know what to expect. My husband was having troubles with addiction and I was concerned about his life and our financial situation. We sat for a few minutes and as I was very emotional she sat with me and helped me relax, connect with my heart, and open to what the dowsing could shift in our life.  Was I surprised when she found a negative vortex exactly where the year before my husband had been found after he had an overdose! The second negative vortex was where I always found myself tripping down the stairs. Recent News!!! My Husband just got a FULL TIME job offer at the Rehab for the Music Therapy Program, as well as the Record Label for Recovery! "
~ JD-Nutritional Counselor-Standard Process Distributor

"Watching Shelley dowse, I began to realize it was so much more then Dowsing just the house. For the last few months my partner and I were crashing. Our relationship was on its last legs. I was feeling like I was losing myself.  I experienced a huge shift in my awareness and power. The dowsing was actually a journey in opening to a new frequency, not only in the house, but also within myself. During the Dowsing a very large snake showed up, I was so afraid, yet Shelley spoke to me about Animal Totems and I began to see the gift in his showing up…I was able to get over my fear and see more clearly the Dowsing Journey and how it not only shifts the frequency of the house, but showed me how to move into my own power in so many ways.  
“I unconditionally love, cherish and adore the full expression of light and power that I AM!” 
~ Mary Kay Anderson

Clearing Blocks

"Previously, I had worked with other Dowsers that had cleared the land and energies at my house., Working with Shell, added a whole new element and dimension. She worked with the psyche, along with dowsing, on a very deep level to clear blockages and gently coaxed out my dormant brilliance to be open to the eternal messages for me.  It was a very vivid and mystical experience.
I am so thankful and blessed to have spent this time with Shell and it has made such a difference in my life!        ~Anonymous Realtor

                      Sleeping better than ever!

  The flood stopped... the insurance check arrived!

For thousands of years, Dowsing has been a tool used to elevate homes and build communities in Europe and Egypt. Known in the past as an Art and Science, it was understood that an electro-magnetic field surrounded the earth and that the earth “ley lines” directly affected individuals and families in their homes and in their life. These stories reflect the shift that takes place when homes and environments are Dowsed, being relieved of dissonant energies and allowing for symptoms to dissipate. Enjoy!

 Appreciating the Sacred Science of Dowsing