Earth Medicine Alchemy

Golden Light Dowsing

​                                                             Restoring Resonance

                                       Heart. Home.Habitat

HEARTS ACROSS the WORLD invites us to gather and unite in harmonic resonance and shared purpose. Our focus is on building an intentional grid of love and interconnection through the power of our collective wisdom and gifts. 
Individuals and community groups are gathering around the world in two ways:

1) Gather for interactive virtual events hosted on the HEARTS ACROSS THE WORLD Facebook page, LIVE Heart Resonance conference calls, and other online scheduled events. 

2) Locally hosting friends, family and community members for collective intention activities such as Labyrinth walks, Sacred Water gatherings and seeding activated crystals in the Earth. Please see the files up under the banner for more information. 

Reminder: #HEARTSACROSSTHEWORLD is for local and community sharing, events, inspirations and templates that work for the expansion of our heart to heart connection...

Beat your drum and give visibility in ways which we are creating local and global resonance, synergy and community connection!