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“Shelley is an amazing woman and healer. She embodies the true divine feminine, an encompassing, loving presence that provides an enormous healing space for others. She has clearly been through deep transformation of her own, has forged a path of personal healing, and has accumulated many skills along the way.  In these intense times of dramatic transformation, it is a profound blessing to have such a well-resourced midwife to help us birth into the new.

I have been on the healing path for over 20 years, and have received facilitation from many wonderful people. Shelley stands out among them as one of the most grounded, resourced, and authentic, as she is truly living what she teaches. I'm continuing to experience healing and integration, as a result of our session.  I feel so much more whole."


                                                                        ~Leslie O'Neill 8-2-16        Portland, OR

She loves the opportunity to reveal the Ancient Science and Evolution of Dowsing which increases harmonic resonance and coherence within any environment. Her clients experience greater communion with their families, optimal health, inner calm and a joyful increase in community and global work.    

She has worked with luminaries such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, as a Mentor for Conscious Evolution, igniting the awareness of a new worldview, creating heart resonance circles while supporting communities creating co-creative synergistic, generative alliances. She participated in Nassim Harramein's Delegate Level1 Pilot Program evolving her understanding Unified Field Theory and applying her understanding to Dowsing and Planetary Healing.

As a Founding Steward for GOOD of the WHOLE, an open resource platform whose focus is to Bring Spirit and Consciousness to Life, Shelley's her passion is to locally and globally foster Peace, Prosperity and Harmony on Earth, through making visible what's working in the world. 

Shelley Darling has dedicated over 35 years to the path of Unconditional Love, Embodied Heart Awakening and Conscious Evolution. 

She has spent years synergizing powerful modalities of personal growth, spiritual knowledge, Feng Shui and founded Golden Light Dowsing,  a dynamic, whole systems approach, that speaks to the Ancient Science and Evolution of Dowsing, both as an individual and collective, transformational journey.

Shelley consults internationally, revealing the dramatic change that occurs when the energy in the home and business environment is raised from Dowsing.