Electrosmog, mobile phone radiation, water quality, fine dust, food intolerances, ground radiation and electromagnetic fields.

These negative environmental influences are multi-faceted and affect humans, animals and plants. 

   Enjoy all the connection​ of modern technology each and every day.​​​

Experience a completely new quality of life without shying away from technical progress.

“My job means that I spend all day surrounded by lots of electronic equipment, such as telephones and computers.  The benefit of memon technology create​s ​relaxation, reduce stress and improve the climate of the room when there are electronic devices everywhere.”  

~ Hans Niessl, Governor of Burgenland

​"As an international, ​environmental Dowsing Consultant I highly recommend memon for your home, office, community centers, schools and cell phone usage. The videos and links below will make your research simple and easy."  

                                                                                                   ~Shelley Darling


Neutralizes the negative effect of pathogenic  information in just four minutes and makes food and drink wonderfully palatable.

m​emon eliminates electrical disturbances in your home, office and community centers. ​

It gets rid of Geopathic Stress, neutralizes  and harmonizes environmental frequencies.


Neutralizes negative information

from low and high frequency 

electromagnetic field as well as geopathic zones of interference and reduces fine dust in the air.


 Good, pure water is an elixir of life. water becomes

re-naturalized water whose quality is tangibly fresher, softer and vitalized. 


for Smartphone and

Iphones-also available for other cell phones. Preserve your well being while making calls that are free from pathogenic  illness causing, subtle information.

                                                                                                   Restoring Natures Resonance

Since the dawn of the age of technology we have begun to experience other electromagnetic frequencies outside the natural light spectrum. Apparently, as these waves travel through space they can rotate, which gives them chirality or polarization. Right-turning waves are natural and fine, but left-turning ones are transmutative and destructive. And they carry pathogenic information's [sick]. 

Memon device uses Information's Polarizations Interference Chip Technology (IPICT) to sense an interference and then, via a massive library of information's [sic] stored within it, transform the pathogenic information's by rotating them 180 degrees then reflecting them back out again. The newly rotated and reflected information energy waves are then an exact mirror opposite to the original waves, which are thus completely and effortlessly cancelled out.


Drive without the risk of negative information from electromagnetic fields. Maintain your ability to concentrate and drive relaxed and focused.

CEO Erika Felder shares her first encounter with memon technology and her surprise at the fascinating result she had.

Negative environmental

influences? They are more important than you might think. See what they do to your body and how you can prevent it.

"The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation: what we know, what we need to find out, and what you can do now"

By Dr Devra Davis 


Experience a comparative cell phone blood test, using dark field blood analysis,

comparison blood with and without the use of the memon chip technology

 Earth Medicine Alchemy

Golden Light Dowsing

​                                                             Restoring Resonance

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