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The Beach House, Australia

Lisa had been trying to sell her beachfront property for over a year and a half. In discovering Dowsing, she excitedly asked to Dowse her beach house, the one she had lived with her former husband before his passing.

Given this home was to be sold, I began using some Feng Shui practices to make sure the energy was moving directly toward the home. My attention was immediately drawn to the “for sale” sign that was blocking the visibility pathway to the front door. I explained that we needed to have a clear access of sight from the road.

The miraculous moment was during the Dowsing Assessment, when I discovered a very large negative vortex in the house. Following the guidance of my Dowsing rods, we walked slowly, making U-turn towards the sunroom to an area under the far window. Lisa was a taken aback, when I walked toward the area where the negative vortex was situated. Apparently, her husband loved the ocean and surfing and had died directly in the spot where the Dowsing rods were pointing.

In this case both the house and Lisa’s heart still needed healing. There was no way the house nor Lisa’s attachment would allow the sale. She had not been able to let go and this undercurrent and tide of love within her own heart had not yet come to rest.

Two hours later, after a personal healing and clearing the non-beneficial energy lines, the energy shifted. The Dowsing was completed and there was a sense of peace and release. A little more than one month later, I received an incoming email from Lisa, letting me know the beach house had just sold!

Lisa’s Testimonial:

When Shelley arrived in town, I discovered she was a Dowser. I had purchased 400 acres and needed to sell my beachfront property in Gerringong, Australia in order to help pay for the property. After a year and a half, there was still no offer and I had three months to sell. Shelley offered to Dowse and Feng Shui the home to clear what was needed in order to sell. The biggest surprise was when she found a negative vortex in the exact spot where my husband had died of cancer two years before! I hadn’t said anything to her about it. She also helped me to clear any energy that was still stuck around my issues about his death. The house sold in less than two months!  L. Rawlinson, Australia

Gated Community Home - Sarasota, Florida

I was asked to Dowse after Elaine had been trying to sell her home for over a year. This house was in a development where there were certain rules and regulations, where the owner owned the home, but not the land. The home was a nice home, yet was not selling. After Dowsing the house sold within two months!

Elaine's Testimonial:

My husband and I put an investment property on the market in January 2018 and purchased an exchange property investment property in late February 2018. We had 6 months to sell the property #1 in order to benefit from the tax laws, and unfortunately the house wasn’t selling. We had a wonderful, responsible and creative realtor, but no luck. It was stressful to be paying two mortgages and in May, we asked Shelley Darling to Dowse the house. Within 2 months the house was sold. We are grateful to Shelley’s input and support in time to receive the benefit!  ~Elaine Silver and James Alexander, Sarasota, Florida

Three Homes in Phoenix, AZ

Valerie was at her wits end. She had to sell her properties in Arizona, yet they weren’t selling. The properties were also in a delinquent and unsafe neighborhood.

Valerie wanted to Dowse her properties, making them ready to sell. The first house was a duplex and was part of a small compound with a few apartments. The house next door, which had been burned down and was now occupied with homeless people. After Dowsing the land and houses, the property sold easily, and Valerie could now get move forward with a sense of ease and calm.

Valerie's Testimonial:

The Five-plex Sold!

I wanted to let you know that 918 Pierce (five-plex) closed this morning!!!!! It is done and dusted! After 2 years of ownership, a book full of “interesting” episodes and a very smooth selling process in the end!! I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how grateful I am for all your work around me and my property to assist in this great result!! Thank you! ~


                                                                  READY TO SELL YOUR HOME?

           Are you an agent that has been sitting on a stale listing for over 3 months?
           Are you a homeowner still trying to sell your home that’s been listed for over 3 to 6-months?​
           Are you anxious to move forward and move into your next dream home?

                                             Here’s why you should consider Dowsing to sell your home or business!

Understanding your relationship with your home and property, discovering what’s interfering in the selling of the home is an enlightening experience. Dowsing raises the frequency in an environment, creating an energetic “quickening”, clearing dense and stressful energy from your home and office. It is a transformational experience, inclusive of Feng Shui, which acts as a dynamic catalyst for positive, calm energy in the home or business environment making it ready to sell.

After synthesizing 15 years of experience, counseling individuals, couples, and teens in "Embodied Heart Awakening”, life took a turn when I learned about Dowsing. I founded Golden Light Dowsing ~ Earth Medicine Alchemy, a dynamic, effective transformational experience after seeing my clients lives dramatically change when Dowsing their homes. Dowsing is an Ancient Science and Evolutionary tool that is more than just looking for Water!

Dowsing Services

  • Real Estate Sales especially after divorce, death, or illness
  • Start fresh! New Home Purchase
  • Seasonal Attunement
  • Improved business productivity for home or commercial setting
  • Clear client or employee stress

Speaking Topics

  • Sacred Science of Dowsing
  • Preparing to Sell? Tips for selling your home
  • Addressing EMF’s

Choosing to dowse your home and property is a powerful step in discovering what’s interfering with the selling of your home or business. Dowsing restores the environment to a positive and clear energy, which then attracts the right buyer to show up!

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Shelley Darling is a professional Dowsing Master and Feng Shui Consultant. As the founder of Golden Light Dowsing ~ Earth Medicine Alchemy, she travels internationally, revealing the dynamic shift that occurs when resistances in the home and business environment are dowsed.

Through Feng Shui and the Ancient Science of Dowsing, Shelley reveals and remedies what’s causing a sick home or office building, allowing the possibility for a quicker and easier sale. 

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