Earth Medicine Alchemy

Evolutionary Dowsing

​                Restoring Resonance for Personal and Planetary Peace


As an intimate Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Collective of 12, we are here to gain wisdom from each other, listen to the fabric of the Field and co-create together.The time is now, we are being called to gather our collective hearts as we together open new energy portals and this year focus our energy on healing the waters that are now awaiting our energy, skill and wisdom as Planetary Healers.

When will the next 12 around one circle begin? ​

We are currently working on our first co-creative book! We will embark on a new cycle of the Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium in 2021. We are inspired by spirit in these times of needed restoration and resonance, cultivating an ethos of wholeness for Earth and all her inhabitants. 

We have been meeting for three years and our current SED Consortium has begun! Grow your skills as a steward of the Earth. 

There is limited space for twelve participants who feel the calling as a Planetary Healers. Click here to learn more 

 Our SED promise:

  • As an individual in this collective you will be held in a safe space, as you grow your confidence and intuitive capacities.
  • Feel a magnanimous shift learning to work in resonance, as group energy.
  • No longer a lone ranger, you will love weaving your wisdom with other energy healers from around the world. 
  • Dive into the opportunity to learn and grow your skills as an Evolutionary Dowser! 
  • Enhance and enliven your old energy toolbox and possibly need a new one! 


If you are feeling a calling to join us and have engaged in other healing modalities, yet don't have had a strong Dowsing experience please call Shelley @415-516-3555 or email, directly to be considered. Have a positive attitude~We can make it work!

“Thank you Shelley for 'holding the field' with your love,  support, and incredible commitment. It is extraordinary working with this powerful collective and I would love to continue as I feel the work is very important!" ~Najma Ahern

"I am truly grateful to this group, as my experience has been profound...working on the gateway in Washington gave me the technology to jump start my work into a deeper level of understanding" ~Tyhson Banighen Mentor and Business Coach, Founder of the Extraordinary Healing Academy and the Wellness Show

NOTE: If you have been waiting to join us, and interested in weaving your wisdom and sharing your energy and skill in 2019, please contact us directly at 415-516-3555 or email:

If you know someone who would benefit from this experience, please share this page. Thank you!

Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium (SED)

“Our intention is to collectively birth a template for others to expand their knowledge and skill as Evolutionary Dowsers. Through the sharing of this informational platform, we see the possibility of exponentially raising the vibrational field of our individual heart, homes and surrounding habitat, while restoring our beloved Earth.​”  
    ~Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium 2015-2020

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