Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium ~ A 4-5 month, Biweekly Journey 

Phase III Begins:  Summer 2017
(Limited to 12 Individuals)
Have heard of the Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium (SED)?

Some have asked for an invitation, yet the circle was filled and were left on a waiting list. The past 2 years have been so successful, that even though we had set aside 4-5 months, the original collective kept meeting till December of 2015, and the current SED circle is still meeting and engaged in writing our first ever collective Dowsing book!

As an intimate Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Collective of 12, we are here to gain wisdom from each other, listen to the fabric of the Field and co-create together.The time is now, we are being called to gather our collective hearts as we together open new energy portals and this year focus our energy on healing the waters that are now awaiting our energy, skill and wisdom as Planetary Healers.

We will meet every other Sunday afternoon for four months. The 90-minute/2 hour recorded calls will begin and end with heart resonance allowing us to attune more deeply with the Unified Field. Each session will include practical Dowsing techniques, group sharing, Q & A, and a monthly Guest Field Advisor. In this next phase we will focus on the cleaning and healing of the Waters. We have a private Facebook page where we will communicate and interact weekly as a group. Every other week new Dowsing stories, videos, information, queries, and peer interviews arrive.

There is only room for twelve Dowsers who have participated in the Golden Light Dowsing phase 1 course or an equivalent thereof and continue to Dowse, as well feel the calling as a Planetary Healer. Please follow the link below to register or contact me directly with questions for the upcoming co-creative experience"Dowsing Circle of Twelve". Upon registering, you will receive a confirmation letter with specific details. If you are feeling the calling and haven't had a strong Dowsing experience please call Shelley @415-516-3555 or email directly to be considered.

Over the course of months we concluded that an open source website which could hold all of our gathered collective jewels, would be the most beneficial way to converge and share our wisdom, skills and energy. 

At this moment the website "Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Society", is now underway and will be visible in the coming weeks! Each Dowsing Consortium Steward and Field Advisor will be listed on the website with links! 

NOTE: If you have been waiting to join us, and interested in weaving your wisdom and sharing your energy and skill in 2017, please contact us directly 415-516-3555 or email:

At the end of our four months, at no extra cost, those who choose to continue will join us focusing on authoring and self-publishing a co-creative Dowsing e-book.

Note: If you know someone who would benefit from this experience and is currently Dowsing, please share this page. Thank you!


Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium

“Our intention is to collectively birth a template for others to expand their knowledge and skill as Evolutionary Dowsers. Through the sharing of this informational platform, we see the possibility of exponentially raising the vibrational field of our individual heart, homes and surrounding habitat, while restoring and amplifying our healing, light and love on our beloved Earth.​”  

~Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium 2015-2016

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Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing

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