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Call for your 15 minute Golden Light Dowsing consultation~free! 

*Golden Light Dowsing offers financial options that model and support the value, honesty and integrity of each client. 
Our vision sees each client generating vitality, joyful abundance and sustainable success. Please do not hesitate to call even in financial crisis. 

Home & Business Dowsing - Onsite or Remote

Yes! Off site Dowsing is as successful as onsite Dowsing! 
Dowsing will include a initial consultation, scanned drawings, and 1-2 hour ZOOM

session to complete the Dowsing.

Please call for your consultation and a quote
Dowsing energy rings not included (Earth Cures are included in payment proposals)

Soul Resonance Mentoring 

To fully embody and align with your Soul purpose, with the Dowsing we recommend

personal sessions which allow for a shift in consciousness, while easily integrating your

accelerated experience of Dowsing. 

Sessions booked at the time of scheduled Dowsing receive a 20% discount

  • Easily Shift Core Beliefs

  • Experience Empowered Choice

  • Activate Your Soul Purpose

  • Feel Greater Joy and Connection

  • Supportive Community Resourcing

GLD Exclusive 5-Star Transmutation Package 

Shelley will travel to your home customizing two days of Evolutionary Dowsing,

Feng Shui and private Soul Resonance Mentoring Sessions. Experience your

transformational journey accelerate, as she Dowses and raises the vibrational 

frequency of your home and office. Joy in the dynamic, uplifting shift of your home,

celebrate your renewed relationship to the Earth, while igniting a  greater sense of

wholeness, ease, prosperity and loving presence.  

Includes: (Please call for custom consultation)

4000 sq ft or less (transportation and hotel not included)
2 days Dowsing and Feng Shui Consulting
2-3 Soul Resonance private sessions

Recommendation: Couples have 1 private session each and 1 group session
Dowsing Earth Cures and 1 large  Energy Ring included

Optional:  Dowse this House Package

For your custom quote: 1.415.516.3555 or email


Private class and Dowsing all in ONE!
Learn while Dowsing you own home!

If you have the desire to learn Dowsing while clearing and activating your own home then this is for you!

  • Learn while shifting the energy in your home

  • Grow your confidence in real time!

  • Clear negative vortexes, geopathic stress...

  • Activate your own Earth Cures

  • Personalized focused attention to details

  • Receive EMA Phase1 Guidebook prior to Dowsing

Custom cost: Save $200 or more!


5-6 hours for Professional Dowsing and Private Session

Earth Medicine Alchemy Phase1 Guidebook

Best Pair of Brass Sleeved Dowsing Rods ($50 value)

Earth Cures and Crystals purchased separately 

(Custom Golden Light Dowsing Rods may be ordered for an additional cost of $50)

 Call Now 415-516-3555

Shelley Darling consults internationally, revealing the dramatic change that occurs when the energy in the home and business environment is raised from Dowsing. Golden Light Dowsing is a powerful, dynamic, transformational journey that is inclusive of one's inner experience, simultaneous with what is revealed through Dowsing. 

Shelley welcomes the opportunity to reveal the Evolutionary Science of Dowsing, which increases harmonic resonance within any environment. Living in a Dowsed environment supports greater connection with relations, optimal health, inner peace and an enlightened field for community and global work.