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​                                                             Restoring Resonance

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Consider the possibility of fully aligning with your innate Soul purpose, feeling

greater wholeness and deepening your connections. Private Soul Resonance sessions

allow for a shift in consciousness through evolutionary processes, integrative, 

creative movement and breath that leads to a greater sense of unconditional love

within yourself and with others.

  • Easily Integrate Fear-Based Limitations
  • Experience Empowered Choice
  • Activate Your Soul Purpose
  • Feel Greater Joy and Connection
  • Supportive Community Resourcing​​

Soul Resonance Mentoring

SRM 90 min ZOOM session:  $220 



SRM 5 Session Package: $880

5 sessions for the price of 4!

Experience SRM 1- 415.516.3555 


 Soul Resonance private sessions booked at the time of a scheduled Dowsing

​will receive a 20% discount.

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​​Cultivating the Resonant Heart

with Shelley Darling


  In the light of love ~ We are whole,

  In the light of love ~ We are home,
  In the light of love ~ 

              We heal and sing...
          Deva Premal and Miten


Our journey back to wholeness lies in expanding our capacity to be present with what is, to love what is showing up and to choose unconditional love for ourselves and others. ​The nature of the heart is calling us forth to open to the magic of life, where the experience of clarity, Soul alignment, and direction come from a deep sense of knowing. From this renewed relationship with our self and others, there is no doubt, pain and confusion. We love our interdependence and connection with one another, and gracefully grow our innate capacities to love, as we celebrate a unified vision of a peaceful living, in a world that works for all.​


It is necessary to learn to trust following the impulse of your heart, and discover the core truth of who you are. Life will always have challenges though the way of love is simple. The journey is learning to make conscious choices that align with your heart, while discovering and living your innate Soul purpose. 

Step by step then love, joy and peace will follow.  

Soul Resonance Mentoring is a whole living system process, that nurtures deep connection with your heart, while integrating and loving all dimensions of self. Embody with joy the disparate, fractured aspects, that are simply calling for attention and allow yourself to experience a greater vibrational flow of expression, manifestation and new found freedom.

If you have desire to learn some new tools that create lasting embodied integration, then Soul Resonance Mentoring is for you.

"It's not as hard as it used to be to shift to heart coherence. In fact, never before has coherence been so readily accessible, because more and more people are turning to the heart. As a result, our ability to move beyond limitations and experience fulfillment has increased significantly. As we practice following the heart, we'll develop the capabilities and insights we need to address personal and social issues."

~Doc Childre & Howard Martin,

The HeartMath Solution


​​Each person comes into this world

with a specific destiny, 

he has something to fulfill,

some message has to be delivered,

some work to be completed.

You are not here accidentally-

you are here meaningfully.

There is a purpose behind you. 

The whole intends to do something

through you. 


There isn't any circumstance that love is not the answer...Anonymous