Golden Fire & LightDowsing Rods by Twisted Sage

​These beautiful brass sleeved rods are cut to sacred measure known as the Teotihuacan and are mounted on sealed bearings for a lifetime of comfort and flow. Custom mahogany padded case holds and protects one pair of Rods and manual. (The 8-page manual does not cover basic dowsing, rather it is an attunement and activation guide for the energetic aspect of the tools)

Cost: $128

Pair with Case: $168 

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Resonance Rings increase the current, creating a  hyper-tensor field.

The circumference of the ring determines the resonance frequency of

the tensor field produced. The larger gage wire allows for more  current

to flow, expanding the field of resonance. 

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Earth Cures by Co-Creative Dowsing are made out of 18" copper, as they are extremely conducive to holding intentions and activations at the highest level. These cures are activated in the highest frequency, stopping any discordant stress energy lines. All cures are created with love and made in a Dowsed environment. 

​Come in packages of 30 and are not packaged in plastic!  

Cost: $22 

Brass Sleeved Rods by Co-Creative Dowsing 

Made by Co-Creative Dowser, Charlie Riverman Bergeron.

Simple, spins easily and great for beginner or advanced Dowsers. 5 x 13 inches. Made with LOVE! Created in a positive vortex, attuned with Light Language specifically for Dowsing Earth Energies.

Cost: $36

Rods w handmade Red Oak Wood CaseCost: $65

One set of handmade Brass Dowsing Rods 5 x 13 inches
Case color varies as it is unstained Red Oak with clear finish...Lightweight and Dimensions are 14/7/8 Long x 5 5/8 Wide x 5/8 

​M​emon is a german technology that eliminates electrical disturbances

in your home, office and community center. ​It not only neutralizes environmental frequencies, it harmonizes them for space which 

supports you, your family, schools for your children and your office. 

 Earth Medicine Alchemy

Evolutionary Dowsing

​                Restoring Resonance for Personal and Planetary Peace



​​​​​​Golden Light Dowsing, Twisted Sage Studios ​and Co-Creative Dowsing

We are committed to working in co-creation for the betterment of humanity. 

​Our custom made energy tools are based on sacred geometric lengths and twisted crystalline copper and brass. They are used for healing, clearing, transformation, and optimizing Soul connection. Our tools are based are of the highest energy standard and created in a dowsed environment, are cleared of any negative vibrations. Specially activated with light frequencies, all our tools are consciously created in the highest frequency dowsed environment with creative consciousness and LOVE.  

We trust you will enjoy using our powerful evolutionary dowsing tools!