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What Are EMFs?


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Here’s what the World Health Organization has to say:

“Electric fields are created by differences in voltage: the higher the voltage, the stronger will be the resultant field. Magnetic fields are created when electric current flows: the greater the current, the stronger the magnetic field.”

                                                                    EMFs are there in your world, zapping you 24/7.

Everything electrical gives off electromagnetic fields (EMFs). These are some of the worst culprits…

Cell phones They emit radio frequency microwave radiation. Yes, I said microwave radiation, just like a microwave oven. This radiation can and does penetrate your body’s, your tissues, your organs, your cells.
WiFi. Who hasn’t got WiFi in their home? It’s so convenient. Yes, but at what price? Wireless modem/routers emit radio frequency radiation in your home. The frequencies are similar to those of your cell phone - except WiFi is unrelenting blasting you 24/7 even when you sleep.

Smart Meters The utility companies love smart meters because they don’t have to pay someone to go round to read your gas or electricity meter. Typically they use wireless to transmit your data. 2 big issues: Firstly, it radiates your home 24/7 with more electro-pollution. Secondly it allows them to spy on your every move, they know exactly what appliances you use at what times. They even know whether you’re home or not!

Cordless phone. These also emit radio frequency microwave radiation – just like cell phones. Because of the way these phones are used they can be even more dangerous than cell phones.

Circuit breaker panel/fuse box. Studies show that 2 out of 3 of homes have high magnetic fields. These magnetic fields are high around your circuit breaker panel particularly if your home has electrical wiring errors (50% of homes have wiring errors) – even if it’s the other side of the wall.
            EMFs Affect Everyone

Are you experiencing minor symptoms… conditions like headaches, dizziness, abnormal tiredness, ringing in the ears, forgetfulness, brain fog or poor digestion?

Well, these are ALL possible symptoms of EMF exposure that most people attribute to something else.

There are an untold number of diseases and illnesses that are caused or aggravated by EMF exposures, but few people have made the connection.

What’s more this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Experts estimate that up to 10% of the population has ‘electro-hypersensitivity’ with a clear reaction to EMFs.

Even if you’re aren’t experiencing any obvious symptoms, EMFs are still affecting you…slowly…and could be causing problems like insomnia, fatigue, depression, poor digestion, and difficulty with focus and concentration.

                                               Why Haven’t You Been Told Just How Dangerous EMFs Can Be?

Big corporations have spent billions of dollars trying to convince us that EMFs from cell phones, and similar technologies do not harm us at all. When the World Health Organization declared cell phone radiation a “possible human carcinogen” — just like lead, DDT, and jet fuel — in 2011, the global multi-trillion dollar cell phone industry set aside a quarter of a billion dollars to produce and promote science to discredit the information. Whenever a report pops up questioning these EMF exposures, a contrary report stands ready in the wings to cast doubt about its legitimacy.

They usually say these EMF exposures are too low level… they don’t have enough power. But this is based on very old science, from over 50 years ago. They say that since there are no thermal effects – in other words these EMF exposures can’t heat our bodies (tissue) - there is no danger.

They are right about there being no heating effect. But thousands of independent studies have found serious adverse biological effects at extremely low levels.  Back in 2001 a US Congressional briefing revealed that EMFs impact our bodies at levels 76,000 times below the current safety standards. 

It has also been reported that telecom industry funding is being used to perpetrate deceptions at all levels of the scientific process including: controlling the release of study results, manipulating study design and publicizing abstracts that don’t disclose a study’s true findings.

              In 1891 a French doctor called d’Arsonval and Nikola Tesla clearly demonstrated the effects of EMFs on our biology.

When radio masts were first erected in the 1930s it was noticed that carrier pigeons were suddenly getting lost, not returning to their nest, at an alarming rate. When radar was introduced on a massive scale during the Second World War soldiers were being bathed in a soup of wireless radiation and previously rare neurological conditions suddenly became common. 

In 1994, Henry Lai and N.P. Singh of the University of Washington in Seattle reported that RF radiation could damage DNA in the brain cells of rats. (They used pulsed 2450 MHz, not cell phone-like signals.) Professors Lai and Singh proved that cell phone type radiation could damage DNA over twenty years ago. Their study was immediately challenged by cell phone industry lobbyists as it threatened their argument that cell phones cannot cause cancer. 

                                                                            So what can you do as a first step? 

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Adapted article by Lloyd Burrell
Previously Electrically HyperSensitive....Now living a normal life.

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